Change to natural haircare products with maximum performance

Love your hair: switch now to natural haircare products from Swiss Hair Lab

Discover a new generation of natural haircare with maximum performance

The new haircare line from Swiss Hair Lab with a whole range of natural ingredients is returning to nature in a great and innovative way. Free from potentially harmful ingredients, our products will leave your hair healthy and beautiful. Our complete line has everything from shampoos, conditioners, keratin hair masks and styling mousse to leave-in conditioner, hair oil, styling sprays, thermo protection, hair tonic, hair gels and hair waxes. Discover gentle and long-lasting revitalisation and conditioning for all hair types.

Swiss Hair Lab products are free from harmful ingredients

Swiss Hair Lab is committed to the health of stylists and consumers, which is why we focus on natural ingredients for your haircare products and, wherever possible, find alternatives to potentially damaging substances. We do not use the following ingredients, which can be particularly harmful if used repeatedly on a daily basis: PARABENS, PEG, PARAFFIN, SLS, SLES, FORMALDEHYDE, ARTIFICIAL COLORS,

The above substances are thought to be carcinogenic and mutagenic, and to cause allergies. Hair Stylists are a particularly high-risk group – they are in contact with products that contain these harmful ingredients on a daily and repeated basis. Allergic reactions on the hands and arms are particularly common among stylists, and this is most likely a result of the above substances.

Switching to natural haircare products: what you need to know

Production of a lesser quantity of foam of the shampoos

Swiss Hair Lab shampoos based on natural ingredients produce slightly less foam than products containing synthetic surfactants. More foam does not necessarily mean better cleansing. You do not need to use more of our shampoos, but do expect slightly less foam. Our gentle combination of surfactants guarantees perfect cleaning and conditioning for your hair, and is kinder on the skin and hair and better for the environment.

The adjustment phase

As conventional shampoos contain silicones and other synthetic additives for easy combing, smoothness and shine, your hair may initially appear slightly drier and less shiny. Your hair and scalp need time to adjust to the gently strengthening and stimulating effect of the natural ingredients. After a couple of weeks, four at the latest, your scalp will have regenerated and reached a natural, healthy balance. Your invigorated hair will respond to long-lasting conditioning with a natural beauty and silky shine.

Getting the best out of our products

An essential part of a thorough hair wash is massaging the scalp to remove particles of dirt and other deposits. Massaging the scalp also stimulates the circulation, which improves the supply of nutrients to the roots. If you have long hair, you should apply conditioner after each shampoo. We also recommend a keratin hair mask every 10-15 days for stressed or dyed hair. For men, a refreshing Ice Hair Tonic can work wonders. Ask your Hair stylist for advice.

Give yourself and your hair time your patience will be rewarded with beautiful and healthy hair.


The Swiss Hair Lab slogan for our hair-friendly and skin-friendly haircare products applies not only to customers’ hair, but also and most importantly to hair stylists’ hands.