Recommendations for use

Swiss Hair Lab uses a whole range of natural ingredients in its products. Our natural products often differ slightly from products with conventional or potentially harmful chemical ingredients in how they are applied. Hair Stylists and customers therefore need to familiarise themselves with the new products. Here are a few tips for use and combinations to help you on the way.


Shampoos from Swiss Hair Lab produce slightly less foam as they contain natural surfactants (detergents), but they still effectively and efficiently nourish and cleanse the scalp and hair.

Natural conditioners from Swiss Hair Lab need to be left on for longer than conventional products. Great haircare and skincare benefits more than make up for any extra time required. We recommend leaving on Swiss Hair Lab conditioner for at least 5 minutes or even longer in case of stressed hair.

Keratin hair masks from Swiss Hair Lab with a great range of natural ingredients need longer than conventional products. We recommend massaging the keratin masks well into the hair and leaving for at least 15-20 minutes, or for stressed hair slightly longer.

Fix It Shine & Define from Swiss Hair Lab is a leave-in conditioner that gives your hair structure, hold and shine. Apply evenly while your hair is still damp, then blow-dry.

The Finest Hair Oil from Swiss Hair Lab is a hair oil based on natural ingredients that repairs stressed hair and leaves it with a wonderful shine. Apply the hair oil to dry hair or before blow-drying while your hair is still damp.

Ice Hair Tonic: Refreshing hair tonic for men. For strong hair and a heathy scalp. Cools and revitalises. Ideal conditioning for hair and scalp. For daily use after shampooing or on a dry scalp. Apply evenly, massage well, then style your hair as usual.

Skin Color Protection: Before colouring, apply sparingly to the skin areas and hairline to be protected, and spread evenly. Skin Color Protection can be easily removed with shampoo after hair coloring.

Thermo Protection from Swiss Hair Lab protects hair from heat up to 230° Celsius when you straighten or blow-dry your hair. Spray Thermo Protection onto damp hair, spread evenly and then straighten or blow-dry.

Styling Mousse from Swiss Hair Lab gives your hair hold and structure. Massage mousse evenly into damp hair before styling.

Hair Sprays from Swiss Hair Lab give extra hold and shine to styled hair. For all those who prefer not to use aerosols, and for use in salons, we recommend the refillable Hair Pump Spray.


The Intensive Care line from Swiss Hair Lab covers special products for combatting hair loss and dandruff, improving and strengthening the structure of the hair and gently conditioning sensitive scalps. Our innovative Intensive Care products reflect the latest scientific developments, and the effects of many ingredients are clinically proven.

REGENEXYL® Hair Serum with the new Capixyl™ and caffeine complex of active ingredients is an intensive treatment against hair loss. Capixyl™ is a natural protection against DHT and helps to suppress the 5-alpha-reductase, promotes circulation of the scalp, supplies the hair roots with essential vitamins and nutrients and thus increases their lifetime. REGENEXYL® Hair Serum forte is a treatment to be used externally only against hair loss (alopecia) and which contains the active ingredient Capixyl™. In the case of increased hair loss, use daily, then 3 times a week. Apply REGENEXYL® Hair Serum forte to the dry scalp and gently massage in.

DERMACARE Intensive Lotion with the complex of active ingredients of Croton Lechleri, witch Hazel and Bisabolol is an intensive treatment against severe forms of dandruff and psoriasis. Croton Lechleri has an antiseptic, antibacterial and astringent effect and accelerates the healing process. DERMACARE Intensive Lotion regenerates and normalizes the scalp and soothes itchiness. DERMACARE Intensive Lotion is a solution only to be used externally to combat severe forms of dandruff and psoriasis. Apply 2-3 times a week to the dry skin and gently massage in. Leave in for 30-40 minutes and then wash the hair with SENSIFOAM Regulating Shampoo. In case of heavy psoriasis apply Dermacare in the evening and allow to work overnight (use a protection for the pillow). Next morning wash the hair with shampoo Sensifoam.

SENSIFOAM Regulating Shampoo. Regenerating, skin-nurturing shampoo for daily care made of precious tea tree oils, wheat proteins, nettle extract and Panthenol. This product has a bacteriostatic effect, soothes and cares for sensitive or irritated scalp. Repairs damaged hair. Particularly designed for people with scalp conditions and hair problems. SENSIFOAM Regulating Shampoo is free of chemical preservatives!

VITAL-CAPS Hair & Nail Nutrient. Supplement to reinforce hair and nails. VITAL-CAPS Hair & Nail Nutrient with millet extract, vitamins, minerals, L-Cystine and zinc supply hair and nails with important nutrients. Take 2 capsules per day with some liquid. For best results, it is advisable to carry out a course of Vital-Caps at least 6 months.